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While the technology behind blogs may sound intimidating, you don’t need to know much about it in order to get started. To blog, you really just need to know how to type. Oh, and write. Good blogging is good writing.

Here’s the skinny on blog technology:

Blogs offer an RSS feed. RSS is usually defined as “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a way to publish and distribute content online instantly and effortlessly. An RSS feed can be read and viewed online, as on a Web page, or on your desktop via a newsreader (see next page).

You might wonder what the big deal is. How is a blog different from an HTML newsletter if you’re using it as a channel to communicate with customers or prospects? Here’s your answer: blog technology doesn’t use email. Therefore, blogs bypass spam filters and inbox clutter.

Most Poppular Blogging Software

Blog software comes in two flavors: hosted and non-hosted. Costs tend to be minimal, even if you have to buy a license. To get a full-featured blog up and running quickly, we highly recommend


TypePad (small monthly charge)

Blogger (free)

Blograby (free)


Non-Hosted (Install on your own server)

MovableType (small licensing fee)

WordPress (free — open source)


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