How Does The Bail Bond Process Work?

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A bail bond is an agreement made between one or more persons and a bail bond agent. The agent agrees to pay the bail bond amount for which the detainee gets released from prison with the promise that the detainee will appear in front of the court when the hearing takes place. This agreement is backed up by a company or a bank or an insurance company contract which is signed by the defendant and the bondsman on behalf of the representing organization. The agreement is backed up by sufficient cash or collateral to cover the total bail amount in case the defendant fails to appear in the court on the date of hearing. Only a person who has been licensed by the State Department of Insurance has the right of posting a bail bond.The bond companies charge a fees of 10% of the bail amount for there services. This is the cost of which is standardized and it can not be negotiated.This bond amount does not include any hidden fees or taxes. For example, a bail of $20,000 the defendant has to pay the amount of $2,000 to get a release from jail. The rate of this bond is fixed by state governments according to there legislation, which is why they can defer from state to state. Although the entire bail bond industry charge at the same rate.Once the decision has been made by the company,, the official signing of the documents take place. The documents include an application of the bail, a bail indemnity document and a final receipt.After the paperwork is done it takes about 2 hours for a reputed professional to finish the process. Once it is complete the detainee is released from jail. Due to the significance of the booking procedure the whole process including the release takes a few hours.

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