How to avoid the loss of data – reducing the risks and costs of information technology in the areas

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Use of information technology, the consequences of loss of data or information can be very critical.Loss data on the following:
Human error, such as:

Accidentally formatted hard disk
Voluntarily or forcibly to remove sensitive information.
Hard drive failure, and the disc, such as:

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is not
NAS (Network Attached Storage) None
Server crash
Natural disasters and the damage
Bugs and corrupt file systems
Viruses and attacks
It is clear that current technology provides advanced solutions for data recovery on all levels. Regardless of media type in the computer system for the brand, the operating system or the ability of the server, in most cases are involved, the data can be restored. However, the cost of data loss can sometimes immense, if we consider the consequences of the absence of the necessary time to rebuild or restore data, and will have the effect of this family, and involved his colleagues, a comprehensive information management, companies or organizations or interested external data to think about. If it is lost in a corporate environment, the cost of data loss by millions of dollars per hour are achieved. Recovery time depends on the capacity of storage media and can take several days to recover lost information.In more, the recovery of lost data is very expensive, depending on how much damage a hard drive or question.It to remember that the main reason can be caused by human error for data loss, so it should be avoided for us, we have lost valuable information whenever possible. The following are simple, but essential, to prevent data loss:
Regular backups of data (both internally and externally).
Install and update anti-virus.
Constantly updated computer systems and server has the latest security updates.
Installation and maintenance of an effective firewall to prevent intrusion and attacks.
To supervise the installation of DLP (data loss prevention) systems and to protect the organization using the information.
Installation of appropriate mechanisms to protect against power outages and flooding.
It is impossible to completely avoid data loss. However, if all or any organization that uses the device to the handling and storage of important information about the risk of losing him is precautions to minimize the risk is always a wise decision .

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