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Information Systems (IS) to prevent the isolation of the organizational unit, provides a mechanism for exchanging information and ideas in different organizations, the ability to consider multiple perspectives in decision making and consistency and to ensure “alignment of the entire organization. And “looking for ways to share information, and like any other commodity, the data can be cleaned or processed produce to pre-plan or program, under certain conditions, to new information. The data is available, much more than they have been paid. Reuse of information, the most important feature of the exchange of information over time, without compromising on value and efficiency. The most valuable skills in an information system that you have enabled a variety of sources, which leads to the production of knowledge. Value added in the exchange of information occurs when a particular investment, such as the purchase of databases, electronic journals and books on what has been purchased and have been in the system for dozens or even hundreds of users made. Until recently, there was an e-mail, advertising, newsletters, etc., and the concept of integration in other areas was considered unrealistic and 1980 unnecessary.During the central problem of development of management information systems, information systems, specializing in the growth of the traditional functional. Information System (HRM) is a system that has recently become a critical business services employees in large companies. In 1986, most companies, the HR personnel are used to the administrative functions of registration and payment of wages to facilitate and support the prediction, analysis and decisions. Therefore, low utilization of human resources for many reasons, such as the size of the organization, culture, strategy, politics and power, and he is able, however, fully exploit the human resources to human resources, including education and training, planning monitoring, lead inventory.HRIS personal control, and is used to capture, store, process, analyze, retrieve and disseminate relevant information about the organization of the human resources department. Users, managers and employees are aware of the potential value of the HR system and the development and implementation of HR and training of users is essential. The question arises here as much attention to technology-based system must individuals and organizations, the employees about what justifies the need to ensure, to educate, that all your important or valuable to the organization and its members? The answer to this can be in reducing the burden on HR professionals, many routine administrative tasks, relieving the paper better place after the political decision-making process. The data will be available through the hierarchical structure and network is one of many ways to add value will be added to the data. Due to the nature of the information data can be reused, for example, unlike other reusable Property Organization. Another feature of the system is that every action of common information is used to make investments in IT are compared. In today’s world of human affairs have their approach to higher administrative and transaction costs, the use of ICT to support individual development and to change or improve their skills .


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