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It is a revolution happening in the world of communication and at the national level. Although this is a revolution in this country still known things.It the system that developed countries have the technology to a whole new level accepted, and in Africa generally and Nigeria in particular is lower, is still just scratching the surface. The importance of ICT for growth and development of the nation can not be overestimated. And “the basis for significant economic growth. It has an important role in the nation’s ability to use, modify, create and use knowledge of human life and national prosperity and economic power capacities.A can be measured by the criterion of digital technology be. Every nation wants, then the order of things must be information technologies in ICT, which was of vital importance for humanity and the most important channel through which a country can have a positive impact on citizens. ICT is currently being implemented in countries in economic growth. The growth in developed economies, the first line choice of the real seekers of information in developing countries due to their strong technology.It a great honor for me to write them during the revolution of large companies in this century.
I write “the age we live in and change the face of the economy” in the title. Information management systems and GIS challenge.
The other factors that define today’s events
His third role is in the information age.
The fourth information for entrepreneurs
Fifth Our role worker.We expertise in the information age, but knowledge is power …
• Knowledge workers of all other workers in a Knowledge Worker 1.4 margin.A work and give information about the product. As the knowledge worker, how to work with and information? Management Information Systems (GIS) .. He talks about the design, development, management and use of IT tools that help people management.Three all tasks related to data processing and organizational resources is important: 1 profile
Another IT
Third Man (very important) What to do business? Serve its customers.
Do not forget that the customer is number one.
Guests have to provide the time …
When a client’s first (time) will
Continental …World Time
If a customer requests a second (location) will
As a customer wants one-third (form)
Fourth Let the customer (very included delivery), information technology, offer the role of information technology (IT) is a set of tools, the right people and information they need to time.REMEMBER: What I know is that he is right to education • globalization of today business.Factors
· Competition
• information about major resource
• virtual work and telecommuting
ComputingGlobalization employees • Electronics · many companies are already fully in the national
I do consumers in the United States 260000000
• There is a global multi-national companies, is 5000000000 wide.A consumers a company that manufactures and markets products and services in various countries around the world.Competition • It’s all over
• The increasing globalization of competition.
It helps small enterprises to compete with the big boys.
* The competition is good for consumers. An important information resource for the information age • We
• Information is power
• Knowledge of the customer.
• We have on the economic basis of wanting to act .


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