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A hypertext link consists of the description of a link placed between anchor tags. Here is an example of an absolute link, where the link includes the total path to where the document can be found:

<a href=“”>. This is the anchor text for the sample link </A>.

The text inside a hyperlink, or anchor text, is important for search engine optimization. The major search engines have points available for including the keyword phrase being searched on in the text around the link pointing to your Web site.

If links on other Web sites pointing to your Web site include the same string of keywords, your site’s relevancy gets a boost. When you encourage other Web sites to link to yours, or when you provide links to your Web site through your blog, posts to others’ blogs, or in your social media posts and tags, make sure you get the keyword phrase you have assigned to that particular page in the text around the link. Similarly, when you submit your Web site to directories and other link sources, provide the comparable link or title text.


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