I Can’t Refinance My ARM Mortgage – What to Do When You Are Unable to Refinance Your ARM Loan

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All across the world there are home owners that cannot refinance their mortgages because for one reason or another they are stuck in adjustable rate loans. If this sounds like your situation then you may want to keep reading the article below as it will give you some effective advice to get back on track with your loan!Why Can’t You Refinance?Most of the problems are traced to the dropping property values that happened when the economy crashed. Many people who bought with zero down or refinanced almost all of their equity now owe more then their home will appraise out for.Many people also used loan programs that are no longer available to them. People that used stated income programs are the most commonly affected group of people. These are usually self employed people or people who have seasonal incomes or work for tips and cannot fully document what they earn.Another common reason is that now banks require very good credit to get approved for a home loan. If you had bad or marginal credit when you first got your ARM mortgage chances are that now the programs and lenders you used are gone.What Can I Do If I Am Stuck In My Adjustable MortgageThere still is the government programs available that can help you modify or refinance your loan, even if you owe more then its worth. However these programs only apply to borrowers with Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Loans and not people who have Alt-A or Sub Prime mortgages.What If I Do Not Qualify For The Government Programs?Then you will need to get in contact with your existing note holder and discuss your situation with them. In alot of cases the last thing the lender wants is another foreclosed property on the books and will be willing to work with you to keep you out of foreclosure.They may give you a loan modification and alter the terms of your loan to make your rate a fixed instead of a variable or they may also extend the fixed rate term out a little longer giving you a chance to get back on track. Just make sure to contact them early on and be 100% honest with them.

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