Large Cardboard Boxes – How to Get Them and Most Popular Uses

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Cardboard is just a large number of paper sheets stacked on top of each other and glued. Proper name should be corrugated fiberboard. The manufacturing process includes three components – two liners (front and back) and the middle part which is the corrugated, wrinkled material called flutes. Hence the name, corrugated. The flutes tend to be the most important part of the box since the air in between them acts as a cushion to the pressure applied by its contents or outside. For the environmentally-concerned – recycled fiber constitutes seventy percent of the raw materials for the manufacturing process!Large cardboard boxes can be very useful when moving, storing or optimizing space. Some of the extra heavy-duty ones can even have a real wooden base to fortify the structure. This is used for shipping of furniture etc. which requires reliable footing. A box like this which now comes to my mind was an armoire case where a CRT television set would live with some drawers below.How to get the large boxes? Unlike their smaller counterparts, large cardboard boxes are not so easy to come by. A lot of stores would now mandatory recycle their cardboard and disallow boxes giveaway to customers. Nonetheless, there are days where stores simply get overloaded with cardboard – even when it is flattened, it would still be too much for them! Can you imagine the stocking effort before a black Friday shopping madness! Irrespective of what the store policy is then, too many boxes would mean that they have to call the recycling company and ask for an additional run which would cost them extra. If you ask for a box then – they would gladly help!Some boxes are simply keepers – I had a pair of skis shipped once from an online store! The box is not only unusual in size, but also very rare. Hold on to boxes like these even if you have to flatten them out and store them underneath a bed. Large cardboard boxes can be difficult to get and expensive. A similar box would normally mean that you have to mail it somewhere – the costs can add up quickly!

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