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Niche marketing is one of the best way to make profit because you are targeting small market which has less competition. Here are my niche marketing guide:Finding Niche Market Using Google AdWords
Keyword analysis: Global Monthly Search Volume more than 500 with 3 word keyword
The main keyword avg CPC must be higher than $3. If it  is “best forex strategy”, the “forex” must have average CPC must be higher than $3.
High paying niche is finance, health, and hosting.
Your keyword should be easily expandable.
Domain nameUse your keyword name as your domain. So if keyword is “best option strategy”. The your domain MUST be
Make 10 article with each different keywords
Make 1 article each month to make Google thinks your blog is fresh.
Submit 10 articles to ezine article with links to your main blog and inner page. This will cost $30 if you outsource you article writing.
Submit to blogcatalog, technorati, and mybloglog. Put it the right keyword and description.
Do blog commenting, forum posting.
Create a squidoo lens, blogspot, and wordpress blog with your 10 articles. All pointing to your main blog and pointing to each other.
Time of work
4 hours to make the blog
2 hours weekly
Important plugin
Blog Layout
Put adsense in top article, and top sidebar
Show only one PAGE at your homepage. This Page will have 300 words explaining basic things of your niche. You will promote your affiliate product using this Page. Use tinyurl for your affiliate link and make it nofollow.
Put 10 links pointing to your 10 rich keyword articles in your home page.
Sidebar banner promoting your affiliate link

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