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A prompt and timely repayment always keeps you away from falling into a debt trap. But at the time of financial crisis it becomes quite difficult to make all repayments viable especially if you have taken several debts. To overcome this situation a debt consolidation loan would be the best answer for you.Too many debts always create a problem with your repayments. Debt consolidation loans help you to repay all your existing debts by consolidating them into one. To be more clear, consider this example. Suppose if you have 3 existing debts. Now when you take a debt consolidation loan, you will make repayment for only this loan. All your previous debts will be merged together and will be repaid automatically by the debt consolidation lender. This will help reduce the size of your repayment and you will be bound with only one creditor.Student debt consolidation loans also offer several benefits. They come with a very low rate of interest and are charged only after you have completed your school and college. There are plenty of rebates also available that you can avail with student debt consolidation loans, Apart from that if you go for this loan, your debt pressure will decrease a lot and you will be able to concentrate on your studies and work.You will get a student debt consolidation loan mainly from two sources:o A government agency- These are federal loans offered usually with cheaper interest rate than other sources.o A federal agency- also known as private student debt consolidation, offer loan to all students who fail to get a government fund.Student debt consolidation loans are offered to all types of students. As a student, this might be your first loan that you need to repay your tuition fee, boarding fee, travel expense etc. So, you will be offered with a no credit history loan. You will get a student debt consolidation loan also if you have a bad credit history.The process of student debt consolidation application is as simple as filling any other form. The most ideal and affordable source of application is the internet to which every student is familiar. Internet provides a range of lenders offering student debt consolidation loans. The application form will ask you for certain details about your identity and credit history. Being a student your loan application will be approved quickly without any delay.But before filling out any form, first research and find the lender offering best loan amount with the lowest interest rates and easy repayments. This way you will get the best deal that will make your financial status good.

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