Management Information System (GIS)

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Organization, normally transfer a large amount of data between different levels of government, and decisions are made all over the world. In fact, studies have shown that the business world, a lot of time for information processing and decision making is given. To solve this problem, and efficiently manage the organization of the idea of ​​knowledge management has arrived. (GIS) as a combination of people, machines and other processes associated with the collection, testing will be treated must be defined, the storage and availability of information on the key aspects and close to the overall objectives of the company. Today most of the games and the computer makes it much easier to handle so much information, but the MIS system began operating as simple as a card. If the development of Internet technology, spatial data tends to move to the Internet. Web-GIS is widely available, easy to install and maintain, it is a popular trend. The result is less paper, less time of travel documents, make decisions faster, better cooperation with company resources and activities of society into various types of MIS whole.The the following:
Transaction systems, focusing primarily on transactions with large amounts of data every day (such as bank accounts, etc.)
The provision of information: data analysis and preparation of summaries for decision
Decision Support System: Models offer to make managerial decisions
Expert System: an advanced system that could decide the region.


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