Navigate the Program Windows

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All Office programs share a common appearance and many of the same features. These features include a Ribbon, which appears instead of the menus and toolbars found in previous versions of Microsoft Office; a Quick Launch toolbar, which features a customisable set of frequently used commands; and scroll bars, which you can use to navigate an open file in a program window. When you learn how to navigate one Office program, you can use the same skills to navigate the others. If you are new to Office, you should take a moment to familiarise yourself with the suite’s various on-screen elements.

Navigate the Program Windows

A Title Bar

Displays the name of the open file and the Office program.

B Quick Access Toolbar

Displays quick access buttons to the Save, Undo and Redo commands.

C File Tab Menu

Displays a menu of file commands, such as New and Open.

D Ribbon

Displays groups of related commands in tabs. Each tab offers buttons for performing common tasks.

E Status Bar

Displays information about the current worksheet or file.

F Program Window Controls

Displays buttons to minimise the program window, restore the window to full size and close the window.

Navigate the Program Windows

A Formula Bar

This appears only in Excel. Use this bar to type and edit formulas and perform calculations on your worksheet data.

B Work Area

The area where you add and work with data in a program. Depending on the Office program, the work area may be a document, a worksheet or a slide.

C Document Window Controls

Use these buttons to minimise or restore the current document within the program window.

D Zoom Controls

Use this feature to zoom your view of a document.

E Scroll Bars

Use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to scroll through the item shown in the work area.

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