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Black Friday – Merry Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

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Most families have tightened their belts this year and Christmas will not be an exception.A lot of people believe they will have to skip Christmas shopping all together. However, with a little planning and wise planning, you can have a Merry Christmas without breaking the bank. There are several ways to reduce the cost of your gift giving expenses. The most cost effective shopping strategy is the Black Friday Dash.Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. This day has been popular among shoppers since the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924. It was originally a popular day, because it marked the start of the Christmas shopping season. It was such a popular day that the police, cab drivers, and bus drivers started to refer to it as Black Friday because of all the traffic and congestion in town square. However, it is now popular because of the savings retailers offer their customers.Starting in the 1960s, high price retailers began taking advantage of this day, by slashing prices in order to attract the huge numbers of customers walking through the town square. This strategy is so effective that retailers now called this day Black Friday because it is the first day that they go from Red to Black in their balance books.To stay competitive on this day, every retailer from Walmart to Macy’s offer door busters and loss leaders. These deals are usually the most popular items of the season on sale for rock bottom prices. Sometimes the deals are so good that the retailer loses money. They do this because it draws in the crowds. If you want to save money on Christmas, show up early for Black Friday shopping and clear your Christmas list at a reduce price.

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