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News Release Timing and Deadlines

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One of the most important things to remember when sending a news release or advisory is the deadline. Know how far in advance you should send your information for each of the media. Here are some time guidelines for your news release distribution.

Monthly Magazines

For popular monthly magazines, you should submit your news releases at least  two to three months before the issue in which you want it to appear. Magazinesare planned far in advance, because it often takes a number of weeks to have the magazine printed and in subscribers’ mailboxes.

Daily Newspapers

It is a good idea to have your news release arrive on the editor’s desk at least several weeks in advance. If it concerns a special holiday, you should send it even earlier.

TV and Radio

When submitting news releases to TV and radio, remember that you might be asked to appear on a show as a guest. Be prepared for this before you submit the release. TV and radio move very quickly; a story that has been given to the news director in the morning might appear on that evening’s news.


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