Nikon D7000, Detect Faces with Live View

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Face detection is becoming commonplace in digital cameras. Your D7000 has four autofocus modes for Live View: Wide Area, Normal Area, Subject Tracking, and Face Priority. These modes are different from the standard modes like AF-S, AF-C, and AF-A. Face Priority mode is probably the slowest of the Live View focusing modes, so use it with a tripod or when your subjects are going to remain fairly still. When you turn on Live View with Face Priority focusing, the camera does an amazing thing: It zeroes in on any face appearing on the LCD and places a box around it. I’m not sure how it works; it just does.

Setting up and shooting with Live View and Face Priority focusing

  1. Press the Menu button and use the Multi-selector to navigate to the Custom Setting menu, then select the menu item A Autofocus (A).
  2. Select A8 Live View/Movie AF and press the OK button (B).

    A8 Live View/Movie AF
    A8 Live View/Movie AF
  3. Select AF-area mode and press OK (C).
  4. Select Face-priority AF (D). Press the shutter release button to exit the Menu mode and get ready for shooting.

    Face-priority AF
    Face-priority AF
  5. Activate the Live View function by pressing the Live View button located above the Multi-selector on the back of the camera.
  6. Point your camera at a person and watch as the yellow frame appears over the face in the LCD.
  7. Depress and hold the shutter release button halfway to focus on the face and wait until you hear the confirmation chirp.
  8. Press the shutter button fully to take the photograph.

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