Nikon D7000, The Golden Light

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If you ask any professional landscape photographer what his favorite time of day to shoot is, chances are he will tell you it’s the hours surrounding daybreak and sunset (Figures 7.11). The reason for this is that the light is coming from a very low angle to the landscape, which creates shadows and gives depth and character. There is also a quality to the light that seems cleaner and is more colorful than what you get when shooting at midday. One thing that can dramatically improve any morning or evening shot is the presence of clouds. The sun will fill the underside of the clouds with a palette of colors and add drama to your skies.

The last few minutes of light after the sun has set is probably one of my favorite moments to capture images.
Figure 7.11 The last few minutes of light after the sun has set is probably one of my favorite moments to capture images.

Warm and cool color temperatures

These two terms are used to describe the overall colorcast of an image. Reds and yellows are said to be warm, which is usually the look that you get from the late afternoon sun. Blue is usually the predominant color when talking about a cool cast.


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