Things to Do in Spokane: Ten of Our Favorites

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Looking for things to do in Spokane? Have a thing for outdoor activities? Interested in arts and culture, events and festivals? Or just enthused over nature?Then, the place to be is Spokane. Yes, a number of exciting challenges await you here. The list of things to do is rather long and it might be affected by the time of the year.Here are 10 of our most favorite things to do in Spokane and the surrounding areas (within 30 miles).Spokane Falls
River Front Park
The Davenport Hotel
Mobious Kid Museum
Spokane City Drive
Manito Park
The Spokane Fox Theater
Spokane Wineries
Green Bluff
Campbell HouseSpokane is located in Northwestern United States in Washington State. As it is known today, it has become a bustling metropolis where nature and city life converge in an interesting harmony. The abundance of 76 lakes and at least 75 parks, plus wineries and ski resorts make it a haven for adventurers and travelers alike.Hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, water rafting, sight-seeing, skiing and boating are some of outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. Walk, run or bike pass through the Spokane River Centennial Trail (starts at Idaho state line and ends at Nine Mile Falls, WA) and you’ll be amazed of pristine beauties of the Valley, Urban and Riverside State Park portions respectively.An alternative option for cyclists is to follow the track along the area of a Victorian-era styled South Hill where the tracks are difficult to traverse making the ride even more exciting and challenging. Indoor activities are immensely popular as well.The trendy and urban feel of Spokane’s culture embodies diverse performing arts scenes. Be it visual or musical (classical, jazz and world-class Broadway), the exposition to the arts is always housed at major theaters – the Civic Theater, the Opera House and of course, the Spokane Fox Theater.But then again, we’ll focus on our top list.First, what is visiting Spokane without witnessing the raging power of the Spokane Falls? Not only is it amazing to look at but it is also a source of hydroelectric power.Second, the River Front Square is home to the century-old Looff Carrousel where riders can participate in an old-time ring toss; whoever grabs the brass ring gets a free ride. In here, a view of Spokane Falls can be seen from afar.Next, the Davenport Hotel is both a must-see and a must-place to stay as this is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.How about treating the kids to Mobious Kid Museum? Well, that’s fourth on our list and it is such a delight to see kids (at least 10 years old) exposed to activities that inspire them to learn and grow. Halfway through the list is the City Drive with 26 sites and a course of 32 miles. Take a tour and drive when the sun is up.Further, Manito Park and Botanical Gardens boasts of an avid versatility among parks with activities like baseball,tennis, duck feeding, and bird watching being the most usual. Manito Park is got to be one of our most favorite things to do in Spokane Washington. We take our in laws there everytime they are here.Next, the Green Bluff can be visited any time of the year. But reserve it for the fall where the leaves are astounding and in the summer where the trails entice everyone to walk through them. Rounding up the top 10 is the historic Campbell House which is operated in partnership with the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. There are many more things to do in Spokane if you look around (and if you search this website).Truly, Spokane offers a unique blend of unparalleled experiences. Once you are here, you’ll always be in Spokane. Treat yourself and invite your family and friends to a visit and rightfully so, all of you will then be called “Children of the Sun.”

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