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A beneficial service of the current trend of consolidating debts is the non-profit debt consolidation loans program. This service is a good choice for people who are unable to pay off their debts on their own.This service was designed to help people pay off bills and pay down debts. It is again meant for all those who are not able to meet their debt and expenses with their salary that seek ‘smart-paying’ loans. These people get such services from their banks, common finance companies, and other registered, legal moneylenders as well as large credit unions. These debtors have a serious need to pay for their car loans, credit cards, medical expenses, student loans and other debts.The interest rates for a consolidation loan are usually less than all the added finance charges of other subordinate debts. This can be very beneficial, especially when the debtors consolidate their bills and payments through a single loan service; the debtors have only one loan payment to make, compared to various petty payments to various creditors. Adding to this is another great benefit, which is that there is literally a limit to the amount of additional debt the consumers can accrue. Once the consumers have consolidated their debts through a consolidation loan, it is very important that they not take on any more debt. In a way, this helps to control their outflow of money.But at the same time, this trend has a drawback. When the consumers tend to pay only one bill, they feel that their burdens have lessened, and, to a certain extent, some even think that they do not owe as much as they did before. Many of these people start to use more credit cards and end up owing more money in addition to their consolidation loan. Once the debtors have consolidated their debts through the non-profit debt consolidation loans program, they must maintain their discipline to stop spending more or else end up with more debt.

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