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Police Chase, Hit and Run, and Personal Injury Lawsuits

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Ever heard of a hit and run collision? As a personal injury attorney, I have seen many. Ever heard of a hit and run collision that resulted in a car chase with the police? Ever heard of one where the driver of the car was intentionally hitting cars as he sped down the interstate? Not so sure are you? I really can’t remember a scene where the get away car was causing intentional damage to the cars as they raced down the interstate. Well, it happened in Georgia recently. A Dacula, Georgia guy did just that. Lawyers know this is a great case to get.He was in an accident, and took off turning a wreck into a hit and run accident on a major highway. If you didn’t think it could get any stranger, he sped away which started a police chase down the interstate. But, as stated above he did it with some flair. The guy was just intentionally hitting cars as he sped down the interstate. The local guy was charged with seven counts of aggravated assault, six counts of hit and run, seven counts of following to closely, four counts of aggressive driving, three counts of failure to maintain a lane and one count each of speeding and fleeing.What if this happened to your family or a member of your family was in one of those cars? What if they were the bread earner of the family? How will you pay the mortgage or keep food on the table? What if the person who is at fault is poor and doesn’t own anything? What are you to do? These are big questions that all require a full analysis of a multitude of variables. The primary type of problem is did the death occur on the street, on your property, their property, on the property of another? For example, if the fatal collision was in a motor vehicle, then the initial place to turn is the automobile car insurance coverage policy of the other driver. The next place to turn would be to identify if that driver is covered under a different person’s policy. This is hugely important. For example, if the guy or girl who hit your vehicle lives with their parents or spouse, then you have another place to look.Now, the insurance company will try to claim that the kid that collides with you is not on the policy of the parents. That is a true statement, no doubt. But, that is only half of the truth and not the part that benefits you. Under Georgia law by operation of public policy, a family member that lives in the home is technically considered an insured party. So, if some kid hits you, then you will be able to turn to additional car insurance coverage from their parents if the kid still lives with parents.After you have reviewed all of that, you will want to look to your own uninsured motorist coverage which is also called uninsured motorist coverage in the industry for short. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, then you have an initial consideration to begin with. That consideration is whether the policy gives a reduction or adds on to the other insurance policy amount. So, if the primary driver has more insurance than your UM coverage and your coverage gives a reduction, then you will have no recovery. If your uninsured motorist policy gives you the additional funds (considering the case has that value), then you will get to add your policy limits in addition to the at-fault policy limits.

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