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Atlanta Construction Lawyers

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Atlanta construction lawyers represent clients such as contractors, homebuilders, suppliers, owners and sub-contractors in Atlanta. The construction litigation practices of Atlanta construction lawyers include trials, arbitrations, and mediations involving contract disputes, architect and engineer liability claims, products liability and warranty claims, building design defects, transportation and airport concerns, environmental concerns, public and private surety bond claims, construction liens, and acceleration and delay damages claims. Atlanta construction lawyers are members of the Atlanta Bar Association.Contract negotiations undertaken by Atlanta construction lawyers are for large commercial projects, homes, and public buildings. The contracts include architectural and engineering contracts, design-build, and engineer-procure-construct, and construction management agreements.Atlanta construction lawyers argue cases with regard to non-payment, changes in scope of the construction project, timing, and defective work. Dispute resolution options are mainly arbitration and litigation. Most Atlanta construction lawyers prefer arbitration over dispute resolution. Even though it is not very profitable, it is faster and private. But some clients prefer litigation, because arbitration decisions cannot be easily appealed.An experienced construction lawyer can avoid disputes, as he can advise you about possible problems and take appropriate remedies for problems that might arise later. Many Atlanta construction lawyers work as a team with engineers, project managers, and advisors. The fees that Atlanta construction lawyers charge may be success fees, where lawyers take an amount that is pre-determined; or, they may opt for an hourly rate where the fees is in accordance with the time spent in these cases. Before signing a contract with your lawyer, it is necessary to have a clear view of the issues involved and the budget for the entire procedure.Internet research and interviews will help in determining which Atlanta construction lawyer is suitable for your claim. It is recommended that you choose a lawyer with ideal characteristics and good personal chemistry with you.

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