Practical applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Geographic Information System (GIS) is a system for collecting data and integrating them into storage, processing, distribution and display of geographic data. GIS data on the actual characteristics, such as elevators, land transport and in digital form. The photos are from an area that collects the information. Users have the information for purposes such as analysis of data in digital form, the map data is displayed and modified. Includes GIS software for aerial photography, mapping, maps, key, remote sensing, and more. It is often used to study global problems to develop solutions quickly.Recently Geographic Information Systems have been developed for public use. For example, Virtual Earth and Google Maps using GIS for millions of people around the world was used. Our interactive map on the Internet that the public has access to large amounts of spatial data. Another application of GIS is the use in climate change research. Today it is responsible for monitoring and analyzing information on the effects of climate change. For example, GIS is used to study the distribution Arctic.Earthquake Fusion is another way you can use the GIS. Can tectonic movements in areas with high seismic risk in the government and security business development, such as determining insurance premiums. As the company marketing techniques, we can analyze demographic data to GIS to identify areas that are likely to sell their products or services. Governments can GIS census data, how to analyze health and education statistics. This is useful for creating and shaping public policy and public spending. You can also study the health care and research of heart disease data analysis. It can also help create jobs in the sectors concerned, the increase in economy.Not GIS technology only for research on climate change, security, logistics and use of spatial planning can be used as the selection of community development and roads, which have minimal impact on the environment, marketing can be used, and rating of potential markets for corporate governance, natural resource mapping, resource allocation, analysis of the archaeological research, monitoring and analysis of natural disasters, the response times to emergencies. In addition, GIS technology to study as a teaching tool for schools and colleges, such as geography, computer science and mathematics are used. Even high school students can use GIS in the curriculum. The seat and objects that help people find places where it tends, and if you have any problems, it is possible to determine what to do and make the development of a strategy for problems with more challenges . You will be able to see significant new trends. The purpose of the SIG is to identify new trends in analytical studies. Information gained from the study used a geographic information system that can help you to learn and understand, to learn the information quickly and easily .

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