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With the recent revelations of Wikileaks, the “life” began and the Internet means the company, many companies about the security of their business and in social networks and data.The new technologies, like the clouds are more extensive services for companies and employees to worry about. This leads to be used widely, including in the workplace, but do not take the security functionality of the system from hackers.
Then there are three important aspects of these threats: Step 1: Authentication
The authentication uses the system to strengthen its identity. For over 10 years, companies using this system for the user – employee user names and passwords for Web applications and computer system. So, the right of employers to users access to corporate applications and can do anything to control the use. You can separate policies for different users, including employees, shareholders and each other customers.2nd point: Authorization
Authentication is a security concept that is the kind of information a license defined. White Papers Wikileaks is an excellent example of the lack of consent. This means that very few people have access to confidential information that is not in the previous step case.3rd available: Accounting
In fact, the accounting controls and reliable information to safety. The most popular way to make this possible is the discovery (eDiscovery), where we can not only preserve historical documents and actions, but also contribute to a criminal investigation. There are many applications that can help you save in this work, and usually by e-mail to nothing. New features are in the spotlight. Benefits may use this technology is enormous compared to the activity in its execution. Wikileaks do not let it happen to you …

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