Publishing an Application on the Android Market

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An AIR application is packaged as a standard Android application. Therefore, you can distribute it via the Android Market or via another website of your choice.

To publish your application, go to the Developer Console page at and click on the Upload Application button. Figure 4-2 shows the necessary steps to submit an application.

Uploading Assets

Select “Upload assets” to upload the APK file. At the time of this writing, the maximum allowed size for this file is 50 MB. You can also upload at least two screenshots at 320×480, 480×854, or 480×800; one high-resolution, 512×512 icon; one promotional graphic at 180×120; a feature graphic at 1,024×500; and the URL to an optional promotional video (must be YouTube).

Unless you select the Marketing Opt-Out button, Google has the right to promote your application in the Android Market or other Google-owned properties.

Listing Details

Upon selecting “Listing details,” you can enter the title, a description, some promotional text, the type, and the category of your application. The default language is

Steps to upload an application to the Android Market

English, but you can choose additional languages. As of November 2010, applications need to have a content rating of All, Pre-Teen, Teen, or Mature, as per the Android content policy (see

Publishing Options

The Android Market Licensing Service is a protection option to prevent users from copying an application from a device. At runtime, it queries the Android Market to obtain the user’s licensing status. The License Verification Library (LVL) is a component of the Android SDK. It does increase the file size, so choose it only if you are selling your application.

Distributing Applications via Adobe InMarket

Adobe offers a service called InMarket that handles distribution of AIR applications, including credit card processing, hosting, and marketing. You receive 70% of the sales revenue. InMarket has an ActionScript license manager that only works within its system. For more information on InMarket, go to or

Publishing for the Amazon Market

In March 2011, Amazon opened Appstore for Android, which offers Android games and applications as well as Free Amazon applications.

Note that the Amazon store does not do any filtering, so in your application description, clearly indicate the requirement for at least Android 2.2 and an ARMv7-A processor.

To make your application compatible with this Appstore, you must build an APK specifically for it (build a separate one for the Android market). You must use only AIR 2.6 and up, so that you can overwrite the runtime download URI. Adobe and Amazon are working on a more practical solution. Flash Professional CS5.5 offers a pull-down menu: go to AIR for Android settings→Deployment to target the Google Android Market or the Amazon Appstore.

For more information, read

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