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Here’s the plain-language, quickie answer to the “Er, what is a blawg?” question:

  • A Weblog or blog is an instant publishing tool anyone can use to add fresh content to a  Web page. No tech expertise required.
  • Blog is both a noun and a verb. When you blog (verb), you write. When you blog for business you should write coherently, purposefully and with the goal of establishing your company’s credibility and expertise. No drivel allowed. But an authentic, informal voice is encouraged.
  • A blog is a new way to market your services or products by positioning you and/or your company as thought leaders in highly competitive markets.
  • A blog is the new cost-effective way to communicate quickly with — and get feedback from — your audience of readers, whether they are colleagues, competitors, the media, prospects or customers.
  • A blog is just a tool, albeit a cool one. As with any tool, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it. There is proper blogging etiquette. (More about that below.)

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