Refinancing A Mobile Home Loan For A Person With Bad Credit – 5 Tips

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For many, owning a mobile home means having the freedom to pick up and move their home wherever they like. On the other hand, many folks who own mobile homes decide to stay in the same location for a decade or more. Either way, there can come a time when it may be time to refinance your home.Home refinance makes good financial sense for a number of reasons. For many who choose to refinance their home, the biggest reason to do so is in order to be able to increase their monthly cash flow. By refinancing at a lower interest rate, it is almost like getting an instant raise from your employer. But, instead of increasing your income, you are just reducing a significant monthly expense: your monthly loan payment.If you have a bad credit score, you may be resisting the idea of applying for a home loan refinance. This is a common reaction to the idea of refinancing for people with a bad credit score: they are concerned that they will be wasting their time in applying.If you are interested in refinancing a mobile home loan for a person with bad credit, here are 5 tips that can help:1. Get your mobile home appraised to find out the current market value:Start by working with a realtor or the operator of your mobile home park in order to get an appraisal or estimate of your home’s market value today.2. Understand the impact of your credit score on the loan rate for which you can qualify:Understand that most mortgage lenders are going to be overly-focused on your credit score. However, a handful of lenders are actually quite comfortable with approving loans for bad credit individuals.3. Find out all of the details of your current loan:To start the financing process, look up the details of your current loan. In particular, find out your current loan’s (unpaid) balance, your monthly payment, and your interest rate.4. Understand when it makes the most sense to refinance your mobile home:It makes sense to refinance your home if you can qualify for a better interest rate than you have on your current mortgage. Also, you want to keep your closing costs (i.e., the cost of refinancing the loan) to a minimum. The goal is to reduce your monthly payments, as well as the total cost of your loan.5. Learn how to find bad credit mobile home refinancing lenders:As mentioned above, make sure that you are searching exclusively for bad credit mobile home refinance lenders. These are the ones by far the most likely to approve your loan application. Furthermore, be sure your candidate list includes at least 5 lenders.Use these 5 tips to refinance your home, even if you are a person with bad credit.

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