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College Loan Consolidation can be a godsend to those who have struggled to put themselves through college and get the education they need, only to find themselves shackled with not only a mountain of debt, but a collection of payments that are hard to keep up with and track of.Does it feel like the loans you took out for your education have gotten the better of you? I’m going to suggest that you consider a college loan consolidation through Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae can be a great way for a someone who has just graduated to pay off any federal loans, reduce their monthly payments and possibly wind up with a little extra money at the end of the month.In this scenario, Sallie Mae would combine your existing student loans so that you wind up with a single loan, possibly with a lower rate. Beyond the advantage of a single payment, a lower interest rate in the long run can save you big money. You should be aware, however, that by taking out what is, in effect, a new loan you are resetting the terms. While the monthly payments may be lower and more convenient, if the loan has been extended over a greater period of time, it could wind up costing you more in the long run. You’ll want to be certain the terms are acceptable to you.With federal loans for students, the interest rates tend to change annually. This also affects the monthly payments so in certain cases the change can wind up as the unpleasant surprise of higher payments. A college loan consolidation with Sallie Mae will almost always give you a fixed rate for the entire length of the loan. This allows you the security of knowing what to expect not only month to month, but for the entire duration of your loan.Like we already stated, a loan with Sallie Mae can give you lower monthly payments by extending the period of the loan. The downside we’ve mentioned. A real upside, can be that it simply makes the loan easier for you to manage while you are looking to enter into the job market.Loan applications with Sallie Mae are free of fees and charges. No credit check is needed and once the consolidation process is in place, your existing loans are paid in full.One result of this that you may not consider is that it leads to a better credit rating. While not the first thing on their minds, struggling with credit ratings is a common experience among the newly graduated. Missed or late payments, while you are getting going will affect your credit rating and make many things a little more difficult. I college loan consolidation can make it easier for you. In some cases it can truly give you a fresh start.Sallie Mae offers a variety of debt consolidation programs for students and recent graduates. You will need to check to see what is current and available, but these programs are designed to help you out

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