Resources for XNA-Based Application Developers

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This guidance concentrates on applications built using Silverlight. However, there are many resources available for developers who use XNA to build applications. The Windows Phone Developer Tools include XNA Game Studio, which developers can use to create XNA applications. For information about Game Studio, see “XNA Game Studio 4.0” on MSDN (

For a simple walkthrough that demonstrates how to create XNA applications, see “How to: Create Your First XNA Framework Application for Windows Phone” on MSDN ( For a series of videos that describe development of Windows Phone 7 applications, see “Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training” in the Windows Phone Developer Blog (
2010/08/17/windows-phone-7-jump-start-training.aspx); the videos include coverage of XNA application development. For more useful information about XNA development, see XNA Creators Club Online on the Microsoft App Hub website (


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