Role in the decision support system in the global economy

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Decision Support: Support system is integrated with a number of tools that you can make decisions for the direct interaction with the computer for information on semi-structured and unstructured. Decisions in these matters is decisions such as mergers and acquisitions, plant development, new product portfolio management and marketing decisions play a key role decisions.Decision activity. Intelligence, design, selection and decision making aspects of the system implementation.Important: – the ability to directly respond to non-technical people 1) The most important is the ease of a decision support system can be understood as sets of four phases. The only real problem with computers and the most enduring was their inflexibility, their inability to get to people who must make the information directly to your computer. 2) access to information should not be limited to certain organizations or groups, or professional. Instead, the application to all persons and organizations that do not have broad access to share computing power is used so often past.3), an ideal decision support system will be sent, in contrast to the previous method of construction was a “system” also be a sense of the word. Rather, the generator would be a very flexible decision making that can be used to easily design professionals for fast, are prototypes of relevant information on the individual decision-making. This tool should be designed to adapt to change quickly if the project does not resemble the original style of the person or a group of information are needed. Suffice 4) to assist the human factor is a very flexible support should be able to access to operational data and a summary of the information is treated with programs designed for other operational tasks. Equally important, this tool should provide access to the raw data from a physician organization and to have available is at once a simple procedure or a command again without the information is the synthesis of 0,5), firms need to access the original data because efficiency is often the way the original data is arranged connected to the system, generate support for the decision must be able to interact with the truth of the DBMS. You should also have a “flat”, the standard describes indirectly through the power of the computer and the user interface and access to data without having to make the existing files. 6) Generator, is a decision to help the user to decide whether information should be visible in the CRT screen for immediate use, or print it for later use. The best way to get the flexible presentation of data from the workstation continues. Management workstation or job information, a keyboard, a monitor and the user interface a printer that prints text directly to something like pie charts, histograms and line charts.7) support tool should include a variety of systems and capabilities should interact with each They should provide the users with a simple device to use language to use and process information in a manner that promotes a better end user.
8) To facilitate design and data processing, decision support generator should preferably be linked to word processing. With this function, the MAS is the key to your office computer and to operate the functions of these two simple, simple, very powerful combination.
Characteristics of decision making in the global economy: corporate strategy / function decision
Multi-national (decentralized Federation) decentralized decision-making subsidiaries, informal relationships between headquarters and branch offices
International: (coordinated by the Federation) registered the most important decisions, and general knowledge, and moved its affiliates
Global (central-federal) decisions taken in the middle of the data center and developed
An international network of decision-making processes (integrated) and knowledge creation and distribution of unit manager decision support system: a Manager in the daily work, like hundreds require short-range actions to rapid changes in the eyes of one person to another, often with new problems. Leader maintains a complex network of contacts within and outside the organization. A good leader is not flooded to attack these functions, he has a personal agenda. Cash Manager, although its formal structure to carve within the company network, and get instant access to information and other influences. Which was absorbed by the director to special efforts to make generated an active part in developing a long-term needs and long-term agenda.The kind of information through the system of decision-making was always present. Support systems because of their ability to respond to this need very popular. Today, the availability of computers, the eve of the database management system every time the media 1970 to store and manage large amounts of data, increasing the number of software support system that combines the functions of the decision. Moreover, to reach many who were trained in techniques for the analysis of the MBA, for middle and senior companies. These people know how to use tools to support the decision. To use most organizations, administrators are the data that are based on the computer processing applications. This leads us to a decision support system for companies to develop, is a myth that modern world.It making a very systematic way. According to this view, select Conversations, a decision to collect and analyze all relevant information, to analyze all possible options, and then calmly and clearly the approach that offers even more benefits to risks. Managers are at least three kinds of roles in the performance of duties. Roles based primarily on face-to-face interaction can sometimes be used by the analysis of the media. Functions of information systems and decision is consistent with many distributed information for decision making and effective communication tool. All management functions are part of the decision-making: the roles of decision in which it is necessary. The Leader confirmed in a new way. Decision support system to help entrepreneurs to consider alternatives, choose one and execute a plan. Issues management is a part of administrative supervision. The allocation is the core of planning and decision making support systems become critical to many organizations have is their purposes Manager finds a problem solver, and the basic steps in problem solving, decision making. Decision-making is a process of identifying issues, alternative development and selection and implementation of A. The administrator of the problem proved to be the same as what he has already been established. Intuitive understanding of the problem often lies in the ability to make analogies. A systematic approach to problem solving will contribute to the complex. Decision Support System environment of organizations: organizations that have the greatest success of the implementation of the DSS have done a lot in common. They have established, well managed, well-organized information processing, transaction processing the information required by the DSS offers. These organizations more money and personnel needed to maintain research and development consent. All departments are connected to the mainframe group. Departments in the trust to start and manage systems projects. The group of electrical devices for a few employees, which is all other departments. Training facilities are a better mutual understanding between the services and the IT group. Features offered by the DSS: 1) the decision of the unstructured situations, because of the lack of structure, the problem is not likely to support the computerization of the complete, but requires on the computer to access and process large amounts of data 2) using the required Number of results quickly make a decision.
3) The needs of users, especially not universally understood system of management reports do.4) Supports various levels of decision making process.5), high-quality decision-making processes, promoting decisions that resulted from the integration of information and expert estimates 0 , 6) are based with the flexibility to support a pre-model used – so you can easily adapted to the specific decision-making style individuos 7) Facilitate the implementation of decisions, often on the cross section. 8) Decision support groups, especially groups of DSS (GDS) 0.9) gives administrators the ability to better understand their business, development and operation of models.Conclusion: If the “Over the past few years that” computers were increasingly the financial analysis of production, a short-term planning and the geographical analysis.Today used in the computer industry are used, the decision as a decision support system. Decision Support System is a kind of management information system, whose primary objective is to support creative people to make a decision to make a decision. The proof is in the DSS decision support in situations where the standard requires that humans and computers. In particular, the DSS supports the strategic planning, tactical and operational. A properly designed and constructed, the SSD is a powerful support tool that improves the productivity of employees at all levels in all units. This can really expand the current organization of workers, reduce workload, increase productivity. And the current state of technology and production tools that can bring us closer to winning the gaps and work environments. These functions can provide the organization more than ever anxious to improve performance and reduce costs through an unprecedented growth in the use and management of its employees and resources.Reference:
1) “information management system” Viladimir Zwass
2) The “Type of organization decision making and planning decision support system,” George. P Huber.
3) “Introduction to Business Data Processing”, Lawrence S. Orillia
4) “Information Management System”, by James O. Hicks JR.

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