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Are now on the market to buy a lot of games and try every day there are more game titles published, and the big question of this is What game should I? and this game met my expectations for the game right, I’ll give you some tips you can use to look? 1 .- The first thing you need to make their determination of what simulation scenario you want to want to be in the market there are cool games for the cities of simulation, railways, urban transport, aircraft and airports, cities, food, hospitals, aquariums, theme parks, roller coasters, business and much more. Link your settings to your hobby, for example, if you want features, you can create a scenario where the trains are primary actors.2 .- If you choose to simulate the scenario chosen, the next step for the game title to find Do you want to simulate. All you need is a Web browser such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, appointments, etc., and find your match. For example, if you simulate the cities that you select in your favorite browser, type in words such as “urban games “, “building city “. You must choose these words yo put the script in the browserYou want to simulate (in this case, cities) and the word “game ” or “Game ” to narrow your search, and have a good results.3 .- If you are looking for a few game titles, you can now to search for specifically for the game title you want. This will help you find useful information on the gameplay of the game, the difficulty of the graphics and other useful information. For example: If you are looking for cities that you have found a few titles like: “Simcity ” or “City Life “. Now I’m in my browser “game SimCity ” or “game City Life ” 4 .- At this point, if you followed the previous steps, you now have some information about games in terms of things research to simulate what you want. Now it’s time, the best game for you. Follow these tips: – choose the difficulty level you want to play that is so important because if you are a beginner in this game and the game you want to continue his (or an expansion pack) of an earlier , yo will probably buy the first and later the successor. Another thing, its the age of their gameto 5 (for those who have five or more years), and you have 23, you probably do not want this kind of “challenge ” for your game .- Choose what you prefer: graphics, gameplay, or the two is important to choose the right game because some games have a very good gameplay, but graphics still archaic. If you are just looking for challenges, you’re probably like these. On the other hand, some cool games great graphics and amazing scenarios, but the gameplay has its so boring and not too demanding. If you, like me, play games, stunning graphics and exciting gameplay, you need to read and search a lot, but you will find these excellent results and superb gameplay .- Another important thing you need to think thought to study the system of your selected game (s), it is because you won ‘t buy a game that your computer crashes or does not work properly on your PC. You can do this by comparing the system requirements of the game with your hardware and software to solve. I recommend that you have a 30% increase in the minimum requirements of the game, have a goodPerformance of the game, not the execution Slov. More confidence for your chosen game, play the game, opinions on players, blogs (like this), does this experience help you know you can play, difficulty, etc.. You can use the cards and the list of the best games, because if your game is ranked on the list, its almost 100% satisfaction guarantee. = D Some people think that another important factor when choosing the game is money ‘s. I do not agree with that. You can use the game you want, when you save a little money, or a few small changes in your routine, such as buying coffee every morning, or not to buy a hamburger every Friday. You can make small changes to the money for the game you get. She is thinking about it.5 .- The final step is to go to your selected game to buy!, If you follow all the steps and advice before becoming a favorite game, you want to buy, have. You can buy it on the official game or shop at a supermarket or a store that has the hope that these tips game.IHelp you find the best simulation game for you. Post your comments!

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