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It used to be that people would wait until the sale flyers came in the paper just before Friday to plan their shopping, but now there is no need to wait. You can get ready for Black Friday well in advance by viewing the sale flyers for all of your favorite stores before they are available in print. There are websites that have these advertisements available to the public weeks before the actual sales.By looking through the sale flyers in advance, you will have time to think about what you really want and prioritize your shopping list so that you hit the sales you are most interested in first. There is no way you can be at every store at 6 A.M. Friday morning, so you have to decide which early bird sale is your top priority.Better yet, many stores have started having pre-Black Friday sales and online sales. Last year, some of the deals at the pre-Black Friday sales were even better than the sale on Friday itself. As an added bonus, these sales are not as popular, so you don’t have to fight the crowds to get the best deals. The online Black Friday deals are even better if you don’t particularly enjoy shopping. You can order these special deals from the comfort of your own home for unbelievable savings and convenience too.No matter which type of sale you prefer, you are sure to find more great deals if you prepare for the sale ahead of time by checking out the sales flyers online.

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