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I’ve had a little over 150 “hops” to the ClickBank products that I am promoting and I wanted to find ways to better my chances of conversions and for getting even more traffic as well.What I found was a source that ended up being extremely informative. Usually when I do a search for article marketing or “get more traffic” I get a bunch of hype or just plain crap that is common sense and is pretty much useless information, but the source I’m about to summarize is fantastic, very informative, and actually provided me with a greater marketing strategy.The source I am speaking of is Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook. I have read through quite a few ebooks claiming to teach you “secrets” and such about affiliate marketing, but they end up being just a huge promo prompting you to buy even more ebooks. Rosalind Gradner’s handbook is nothing like that.To summarize what her book covers, here is a list of the major topics of what the book is comprised of:

Intro To Affiliate Marketing – Rosalind really breaks down exactly what affiliate marketing is and what it’s about. She covers what the business is about, 6 ways that affiliates earn money, an overview of the business building process, and tells you the software that may help you, and gives you service and organization tips as well.

How To Find A Profitable Niche – In this chapter Rosalind tells you what it takes to find and/or make a niche profitable for you and even shows you how to find out what the demand and competition for that particular niche are.

Plan And Build Your Site – This chapter covers every aspect you need to know about building a professional website including: domain names, web hosting, blog setups, themes and design. She makes a point to clearly define all that you need to do to make a site that will help you make even more even on a budget.

Content Really is King – Rosalind discusses how and why content is so important to your success. She also goes over 6 ways to build your content, gives you her list of 5 “must have” website pages, tells you how to plan your content around keywords and categories to help you rank better in SEO (search engine optimization), and explains how to make your site “Google friendly”.

Monetize Your Site – Anything and everything that is legitimate and will make your site profitable for you is listed in detail in this chapter.

31 Ways to Market Your Site (I especially love this chapter simply because it not only applies to your website, but even how to market your individual articles and products) – This chapter details 31 methods of marketing. From email marketing to social bookmarking, you will find a vast amount of information that will help you get out there and have your content noticed. If you don’t read anything else throughout this book, READ THIS CHAPTER.

Manage Your Business – Rosalind gives you a great schedule of tasks that you should be doing daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly to keep track of your business. She teaches you how to really treat this like a business and to learn how to improve your business as it moves along.

Grow Your Business – This chapter discusses how to negotiate raises (yes it is possible once you reach a certain status) and also goes over even more ways to make profit from your business.

Problem Solving and Annoyances – As with any business, you may run into a few minor issues here and there. This chapter tells you how to get through them and prevent them from happening in the future. There is also a list of 25 things to avoid as an affiliate that are very helpful tips.
Overall this book has been a tremendous blessing. This has been the first book that I have found that has actually covered EVERYTHING that I wanted to know. And it has helped me to better my marketing campaigns and I am glad that I picked it up so early on into my 2 month long journal.If you’re planning on getting into selling on ClickBank, Plimus, or any other affiliate program, I highly recommend you grab a copy of this to read through. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.Again the book is The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner.My research took up a good portion of my day, but I also managed to put up a couple of free blogs to use for promotional purposes as well. If you choose to use free blogs I would recommend using either WordPress or Blogger. Both platforms are great and actually rank well in Google.

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