Dow Showcases Sustainable Mobility Solutions at InterBattery 2023

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Dow, a global chemical company, will showcase its portfolio of sustainable solutions for electric vehicle (EV) batteries at InterBattery 2023 in Seoul, South Korea from March 15-17, 2023. The portfolio includes silicone foams, EPDM, polymer emulsions, and adhesives. InterBattery is an annual exhibition that highlights the latest EV battery technologies and solutions.

“With the growing interest in plug-in hybrid and battery-powered EVs, OEMs and tiers must be equipped with battery systems technologies that are not only safer and higher-performing, but also more sustainable,” said Jon Penrice, President MobilityScience™. “From battery packs and battery fire protection to electronic module assembly and EV controllers, our MobilityScience™ team stands ready with world-class technical capabilities and decades of experience to help the industry navigate the electric road ahead.”

At Booth X103 in Coex Hall D, Dow’s experts will be on site to walk visitors through its innovative technologies that have helped drive a safer, lower-carbon future for the mobility industry, including:

  • Silicone foam for battery fire protection 

– Dow is silicone material solution provider to balance components in the silicone foam material, collaborating with silicone foam producer to meet customer requirement including compressibility, low thermal conductivity (room temperature and high temperature), temperature resistance
– Enables long-term module/pack operational stability and provides battery cell fire protection in the case of a thermal runaway for different cell types and module and pack configurations

Based on the customer requirement, the space between the cylindrical cells can be fully or half filled and/or the Si-Foam will only be applied on the top of cell system

  • DOWSIL™ Thermal Conductive Materials

– Designed to dissipate the heat from electronics to heat sink, this gap filler provides a reliable cooling solution for engine or transmission control units, on board chargers, or in battery packs or modules.

  • VORATRON™ Adhesives, Pottants, Gap fillers

– Offers a wide range of superior electric vehicle battery pack assembly adhesives and gap fillers for processing efficiency and ease of customization
– Supports advanced battery packs with high strength thermally conductive adhesives, high speed assembly with low squeeze force gap fillers and lightweighting/high productivity with engineered potting resins
– Can be optimized for sustainability through formulation know-how that minimizes material loss during battery assembly, with the possibility of content circularity

  • EV coolant fluid engineering system to enhance battery thermal management

– Provide a lightweight polymer solution for EV thermal management systems with excellent reliability with chemical resistance, low plate out, and lower weight, enabling the evolution of coolant fluid engineering system for EV

  • Adhesives, tie resins and CPP modifiers for Lithium-ion battery pouch cells containing aluminum-laminated films

– Total solutions for different processes and optimized structure design
– Enables improved material properties for better pouch cell durability, greater efficiency in energy consumption and increased packaging integrity with strong bonding/sealing strength between layer

  • ELECPURE™ Thermo-Responsive Polymer Emulsion

– Shuts down Lithium-ion battery separators and reduces thermal runaway risk at high temperatures

Additionally, Dow will display a full battery mockup at its booth, providing attendees the opportunity to experience first-hand how each technology performs across different battery designs, including prismatic, pouch and cylindrical cells, and how they can help advance the future of mobility.    

Dow builds on 100+ years of transportation experience and expertise in application development to deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions that keep the world moving. Its MobilityScience™ team provides OEMs and Tiers with a seamless and collaborative global partner for materials innovation through access to world-class technical capabilities and a broad portfolio of materials science solutions for the industry. Dow is committed to the future of mobility and is addressing the most pressing mobility challenges like de-carbonization and improving EV performance. For more information visit

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