Spokane’s Green Bluff: Nature, Fruits, and Scenary!

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Green Bluff reaffirms Spokane’s tradition of offering variety. Though considered as a small farming community, it can’t be belittled in terms of providing the residents with productive fruits and vegetables.The association gathers altogether diverse growers, 33 farms which work in harmony with each other.The growers organize festivals that the locales love to enjoy. Without a doubt, such events will also be venerated by tourists. Here are some of these seasonal activities:
Pick-your-own Fruit
June Strawberry Celebration
July Cherry Festival
Cherry Pickers’ Trot and Pit Spit
August Peach Festival
September Apple Festival
The Association is situated at Mt. Spokane’s foothill on 9807 E. Day Rd Mead, a 15-minute ride from downtown Spokane. This location is not only strategic but it is also perfect place for growing fruits like:
Summer and Fall varieties of Raspberries
Originally founded in 1902, Green Bluff Growers’ Association had evolved from a mere protector of local strawberry growers to a promoter of agricultural tourism.The protection was deemed necessary to enable the growers compete against outside competition. The market was at the time very competitive and proved to be very futile to farmers. Eventually, with the help of the organization, the growers produce blossomed and kept on improving.As the years passed, fresh products needed to be introduced to the local consumers and beyond. Advertising came to the rescue, allowing the growers to expand their horizon in the marketplace.Today, the Growers have stood the test of time celebrating a century of providing quality service. Since there is always diversity, it is the unifying power of the Growers’ Association that enables its members to work as a team. Thereby, the key to fulfill its mission of protecting and helping the farmers is always within reach. Further, the organization’s evolution brings an added distinction to the city of Spokane.As an economic catalyst, Green Bluff promises to give its visitors an exciting old-fashioned farm experience.
Picking up fruits in the farm is a fun thing to do. The kids will enjoy the experience of going out, handpicking crops that vary by season. Festivities thrive to encourage visitors to come and enjoy.
Every August, lovely apricots are available.
Apple Festival in mid-September through October is a six-week long affair that includes an assortment of apple frenzy – Jonagolds, Granny Smiths and Fujis.
Every October come the Punkin’ Chunkin’ and Goat Mountain attractions. Display of miniature horses and miniature donkeys are offered alongside a Straw and Corn Maze event.
Fall Festivities include a variety of pumpkins from miniature to giant, u-cut to already cut. Winter squash, gourds, ornamental corn, and straw also grow in abundance.
To go to the farm, you need to drive through the West and East loops. They are filled with small farms that an avid visitor gets to explore. What is more, the large concentration of farms is within a small area of approximately 12 square miles. An added bonus is a chance to examine ripe wheat dancing along the road.
Never picked your own fruit? Ah, it is time for you to get up and go to a nearby farm. Good thing that the Green Bluff Growers Association welcomes its guests with hospitality beyond expectations.
Experience a picnic like never before. Relax and prepare yourself for a treat!

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