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Social Security Backlog

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At a time when the Michigan economy is declining its residents are under financial strain. Those waiting on an answer about their Michigan social security benefits are feeling a heightened sense of financial and emotional pressure. The backlog of social security disability claims decisions across the country exceeds 3 years in some cases. Those with Michigan social security claims can expect to wait at least 2 years.It is not uncommon for initial requests to be refused. Although 2/3 of those who appeal their rejection end up getting approval for social security benefits in the end. However, the time and energy involved in the appeal process can be overwhelming and many applicants give up after the first rejection. Most successful appeals have the support of a specialized social security lawyer who can assist in gathering key medical information required to prove a case is valid. Making an appeal within 65 days of the denial date is critical to any hope of receiving benefits.Meanwhile, bills and financial obligations continue to accumulate. Even the financially prudent find themselves at risk for bankruptcy and losing their homes before their benefits are paid. Proof of an eviction notice often brings a social security benefits case higher on the decision priority list, but by that time, it is often too late to keep the home. Some hopeful social security benefit recipients facing terminal illness don’t even live to see their benefits fulfilled.The addition of new appeals judges may provide some relief from the backlog, but comes at a price of over $100 million beyond the amount requested by the president to support administrative costs. Any improvement on shortening the length of delays will come at significant cost.If you are facing a social security benefit claim, your best ally is knowledge. Read all you can, and get reliable answers from someone experienced with social security law.

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