Spokane’s Mobious Kids Museum: Fun for the Entire Family

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There is no substitute for a happy childhood. It is in the early years of a child that development and growth of a young mind must be coupled with noteworthy endeavors.This crucial stage happens when a child begins to see different aspects of our world and tends to ask so many questions that a parent may or may not be able to answer.If a parent would like to explain some of the difficult phenomena (sometimes inexplicable really) some efforts seem fall short. How lucky could anyone be in downtown Spokane. With the presence of a children’s museum, learning is only a few blocks away…and learning is nothing short of fun.The Mobious Kids Museum is a children’s museum that offers encouraging ways of teaching the kids. The museum aims to be a Northwest Institution that exposes the kids up to 10 years old to hands-on activities in the arts, culture and science.Located in the lower level of River Park Square (a shopping mall), the museum is no doubt a child-oriented, educational and entertaining facility.Entertainment and education will never get out of bounds in this creative and family-oriented place.Since its first day of operation in September 3, 2005, Mobious Kids has provided a safe, nurturing place for young children to explore, discover and create.Learning is fun at the Mobius Kids Museum with a number of exciting exhibits.
Cooper’s Corner gives kids a chance to tour around a miniature city that enables them to control traffic signals, visit a local health clinic and practice bicycle safety.
Globe Theater is a window to the performing arts allowing the kids to act in dances and plays. The gallery has a stage plus all the stage backdrops including lighting, costumes and musical instruments.
Enchanted Forest is home to a tree house, a tree slide, a foam pond, and woodland-animal puppets, all intended for the enjoyment of infants and toddlers.
Bayanihan encourages the kids to appreciate Filipino culture and values by hopping through the bahay-kubo, sari-sari store and local fish market.
Geotopia offers exhibits where the kids can play and learn about earth science stuffs – effects of water erosion and how to affect water currents. Also included is an insect area that features hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, crickets and ants.
Out-Of-Hand Art Studio is the section where kids can unleash their artistic and creative side via painting, chalk-drawing and sculpturing with the use of clay.
Throughout September, activities at the museum are geared towards environmental protection that emphasizes on 3Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle. Mobious Kids Museum undertakes in fun-filled programs and art projects to educate the children of today.The Mobious Kids Museum is a place for teaching the endless possibilities and sustainability.Nothing is ever more rewarding than creating a fun world for kids. Remember always a quote from Pearl S. Buck, “If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all.”Averaging around 65,000 visitors annually, the facility is open Mondays through Sundays.

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