Spokane City Drive: Check Out The City!

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Spokane City Drive consists of 26 sites for a total loop of 60 miles. The idea of driving through the heart of downtown Spokane is more likely an adventure in itself.This fun ride is also a means of familiarizing different points in the so called ‘Lilac City.’ Experience Spokane’s exciting views, incredible parks and historical landmarks in a breathtaking drive.Let a virtual tour begin.First stop is the Spokane Regional Visitor Information Center located at Main Avenue and Browne Street. Brochures are distributed for information about attractions on the tour. To proceed to the next site, we have to head east on west Main Avenue toward north Division Street.Follow the path leading to west Spokane Falls Boulevard. The Riverfront Park is home to an IMAX Theatre, the Ice Palace skating rink, an amusement park, a gondola ride over the Spokane Falls and the historic Looff Carrousel.Next stop is Gonzaga University situated in the middle of Spokane, 502 E. Boone Avenue. The largest public collection of Bing Crosby memorabilia is available here. Actually, the Bing Crosby’s childhood home at 508 E. Sharp is also part of the Spokane City Drive tour’s list.We continue driving until we arrive at the west Mallon Avenue. The Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena boasts of a 12, 500 seating capacity that is a perfect venue for concerts and sporting activities.We then head south and find the Flour Mill located at 621 W. Mallon Avenue. Restaurants, specialty shops and office spaces abound here. Just a few blocks away, the Spokane County Courthouse is located at 1116 W. Broadway.Without taking a break from our Spokane City Drive extravaganza, we are next entering Browne’s Addition Historic District. It was home to wealthy mining barons before. A brochure about the district is available at Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture gift shop.At W. 1st Avenue, we find a Smithsonian affiliate museum that has America’s largest collection of Northern Plateau Indian art and artifacts. Further, we are headed to the Campbell House designed by architect Kirtland Cutter during Spokane’s ‘Age of Elegance’ era.We drive past through the grand Davenport Hotel located at 10 S. Post Street. Our next stop is Manito Park where the Lilac Garden and Nishinomiya Japanese Garden are found. The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is not far behind. Its architecture is of English gothic influence.Finally, we are down to our last stop for this trip – Cliff Drive & Cliff Aerie at 708 W. Cliff Drive. This is a highly-elevated place famed for its overlooking view of the entire city.We have only managed to get through 13 sites, thus only halfway of the 60-mile tour. What we have missed so far are destinations that include:Glover Mansion,
Arbor Crest Wine Cellars,
Whitworth University,
Finch Arboretum. If you manage to visit Spokane, or if you are already a certified Spokanite, then do not miss our city loop. Explore and enjoy the Spokane City Drive!

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