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After a stroke, in which the blood flow to the brain decreases sufficiently enough to kill brain cells and destroy basic brain functionality, there are still some residual concerns that remain to be dealt with. The prognosis for a stroke victim, even with a decent amount of care, can be fairly grim for the short-term, and even grow into long-term concerns in terms of maintaining a career. These sorts of concerns are major, pressing issues for those who lose their ability to work due to a stroke.Estimations on disability following stroke report that roughly three-fourths of all stroke victims suffer from disability that removes them from work or causes them to reduce their professional opportunities. Although the specific disabilities cannot be described in blanket terms, as the size and location of the injury can determine what disabilities a person may encounter, the degree of suffering for many of these can be great enough to cause a loss of either physical or cognitive capabilities to the point of losing a position at work.For many suffering a stroke the almost immediate loss of ability can amount to serious emotional problems. This is especially true for those who lose cognitive functions like the ability to remember information, speak a language, or even recall faces. Emotional problems can include panic attacks or other anxiety disorders due to the shock and frustration of losing previously held cognitive powers.Up to fifty percent of those who suffer a stroke report the development of post-stroke depression. One of the major problems with this form of depression is that those who are undergoing therapy are less likely to be motivated in terms of recovery. As this therapy, whether physical therapy or speech and cognitive improvement methods, can make the difference between short-term and long-term disabilities, it is extremely important to the patient.For more information about how strokes caused by negligence can be grounds for legal action, contact a personal injury attorney.

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