Student Loan Consolidation Centers

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A student loan consolidation centre allows you to combine several types of federal student loans with various repayment schedules into one loan with one monthly repayment.It is best to search for loan consolidation centers which offer minimal rates of interest. A student is qualified for a maximum of 1 percent reduction on the interest rate, if he pays on time for thirty six consecutive payments. While still attending school, students having federal direct loans are able to consolidate by means of the federal consolidation program provided by the government.Most student consolidation loans fall into two categories. They are government student loans and private student loans. Student consolidation loan centers provide loans such as federal, Stafford, professional student loans, nursing student loans etc.The government loan consolidation centre is providing a student loan consolidation program which allows students to consolidate outstanding education loans into a single new loan. This is not limited to a single lender. Even if multiple lenders hold the loans, one can still opt to consolidate. Two popular online student consolidation loan centers are Internet student loans centre and US student loan consolidation centre. Next student is another popular student loan consolidating centre. It is offering student loan payments lower by up to 60% or more. Sallie Mae loan consolidation centre offers federal consolidation loans. The Citibank student loan corporation is giving federal and private loan consolidation. Wachovia consolidating loan centre is giving federal Stafford loans.Students must only consolidate loans which are of variable or changing rates such as the Stafford Loans. Never consolidate on fixed-rate loans such as Perkins loans as there won?t be any financial benefit. Interest rates for college students who are already adults or on their way to sixth month grace period will be higher.

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