4 Point to helpful tips specifically for caregivers

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What you need to take a vacation. I know it sounds impossible creative and try to make it work for you almost everyone needs an occasional break from your everyday life especially caregivers when my husband was Ill the doctors were very concerned about me and told me that there is a high percentage of caregivers become it will take a few days off is an important step to stay both physically and mentally strong belief. I try to enlist a family member or friend step in for a few days you’d be surprised how many people would really like to help. I know when the situation we had people that went to high school with my husband. I actually made a little calendar and put different people down that it’s signed up and there were College friends high school friends family friends but you know what when they say they want to help take them up on it and have them fill in the squares on the calendar works and they even feel good about it so here are a few of my tips for today.

  1. think small if you can’t get away overnight think of a place of beauty think of a place you enjoy the most it might be the countryside might be a local park it could be the beach you can be late if you have a lake near your home just think about making a lunch going to a little quiet spot under a tree just have a book and relax and just take a break a park or Beach you can do any of these things somewhere near your house it’s fun and you don’t feel guilty that you were gone very long but it’s a place where you can get a break 
  2. to go alone I know it sounds a little scary but you’ll be amazed how good some alone time can be for you look for a support group in friends family or maybe find a professional caregiver service whatever it takes to find a group that will give you the space that you need so you can go alone and take a place not too far from home and just get your mind off of all of your problems and everything you’re doing to take a break next thought I had was do what will ever provide the most fun and healing experience for you like I said go to a park go to a beach just getaway you need that break 
  3. can’t go long you can look on the internet and find all sorts of ideas as an example of a company in like easy access travel plans trips for people with disabilities so just look on the internet and find something that fits your needs and you’ll be amazed if what you can do with your loved one as a couple you know airlines are helpful but talk to them so there are no surprises how about a short road trip to a museum or a zoo I’ve got a girlfriend to told me that her grandma friends used to pop her grandmother’s wheelchair and just take off with her visit museums antique show Zoo’s all sorts of places I think about it just take a short road trip to a museum and Zoo anything that you can do if you can’t go alone and have fun with your loved one 
  4. for don’t give up have your loved one help you with plants they probably want you to leave even for a very short time but you need a break and they need to understand this so probably rather than throwing a surprise on them I don’t help you with your plans then they really get where you’re going what you’re doing and I think you’re both feel better doing it together you should never go exactly as planned which is okay part of the idea of a vacation
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