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Successful Marketing through Autoresponders

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The technology itself is only one piece of this marketing technique. The content of the messages sent out by the autoresponder is the determining factor in converting recipients of your message to customers. The following tips will help you produce effective messages:

  • Personalize your messages using the recipient’s name throughout the message and in the subject line.
  • Selling is all about relationships. Give your messages a tone that builds relationships.
  • Focus on the reader’s needs, and how your product or service provides the solution. Focus on the benefits.
  • Have a catchy subject line, but don’t use ad copy. Ad copy in a subject line is a sure way to get your message deleted before it is read.
  • Include a call to action. It is amazing how often people do what they are told to do.
  • Use correct spelling, upper- and lowercase letters, grammar, and punctuation. This correspondence is business correspondence and is a reflection of everything related to how you do business.
  • Get to the point quickly. Online readers have little patience with verbose messages.
  • Write for scanability. Have a maximum of four or five lines per paragraph.
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