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Types of Autoresponders, Autoresponder Features

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There are three different types of autoresponders:

  • Free
  • Web host
  • Other autoresponder providers.

There are many free or minimal-fee autoresponders available that come with an ad on your responder page. Some Web hosting companies provide autoresponders in their Web hosting packages. Some storefront providers are including autoresponders in their product offerings. There also are many autoresponder service providers that offer packages for a fee if you don’t want to have ads placed on your responder page.

The important thing is to get the autoresponder that has the features you are looking for. See the Resources section of my Web site,, for appropriate autoresponder resources.

Autoresponder Features

When you are looking for an autoresponder, you want to make sure it has all the features to enable you to make the most of this marketing activity. Today’s autoresponders keep getting better—new features are being added all the time. Some of the things you want to look for are discussed in the following sections.


Today’s autoresponders capture the requester’s name as well as email address, allowing personalized responses.

Multiple Responses/Sequential Autoresponders

Studies have shown that a potential customer has to be exposed to your message multiple times before he or she is ready to buy. Many autoresponders allow multiple messages to be sent on a scheduled time line.

Size of Message

Some autoresponders have a limit on the size of the message that can be sent. Ensure that your autoresponder can handle any message you would want to send to prospective customers.


You must have access to tracking reports that provide you with information to enable you to track the results of your marketing efforts. You need to be able to determine what is working and what is not.

HTML Messaging

Choose an autoresponder that can handle HTML and plain-text emails. Studies have shown that HTML marketing emails get a higher click-through rate. Autoresponders are constantly being enhanced. Stay current.

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