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Now, before you start chewing your affiliate marketing guide to earn your online income, you need to get something straight first. These things are crucial for your online business success.1. EffortEven if you own the best guide in the world, you are still going to fail in the business if you don’t put any effort into this industry. Just like a normal business, you need to put in your heart and soul to earn your profit. Think about this, every affiliate marketer has similar guide but why only some make it to the top?This is because the successful affiliate marketer devoured the guide and took action. They pushed themselves so hard that they only slept 4-5 hours a day. The only thing they had in mind is “work for my own online success”. Sadly there are affiliate marketers who just sit there and wait for money to drop into their account after reading the guide. Hopefully you belong to the previous group of affiliate marketer.2. ResponsibilityYou should know by now that you are the sole proprietor for your online business. You are the only one to be blame for your business failure. Not the person who introduce you to the business and certainly not the affiliate marketing guide.No one can warrant your online success if you give up the business too soon. Just ask any successful affiliate marketers, did they earn their first $1000 dollar online on the first day they started the business? In order to be successful in this business, you need to follow the guide, ask questions and build your reputation online.3. FlexibilityIf you have been in the business long enough, you will know that even the best affiliate marketing guide will has its limitation. But do you stop when something limit your progress? And just to share with you, successful affiliate marketers hardly do that. The least they will do is to combine the suggestions from a few guides and make it their own. If method A fail, they will replace it with method B.4. MarketMost of the affiliate marketing guide will tell you that getting the right market is essential to your online success. But the question is where do you find this right and hungry market? These markets are already taken up when you get the guide. You need to understand that competition only exist in a profitable market. What you can do is to find a relatively competitive market, apply what the guide shows you and make your stand there.So, this is where your research comes in. Search long tail keyword for your market. Instead of looking for “internet marketing”, try “internet marketing in China”.

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