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If you plan to start a business, information systems can be a factor in his plans at a certain time. Activities require a certain type of applications and information provided by the question – if the solution is simply an Excel spreadsheet or something more advanced and automated than QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise Resource Management System. Topics such as data recovery, data protection, security, Web filtering, etc., has to think about the employer. Security is the second attempt, a series of articles, which now included the owner and the new capabilities of information technology in the complex plans for his company. Since security is a step by step, the first edition introduced the idea of ​​security. Internet security is a multi-stage approach, as the physical security of the company. To ensure that companies in the night, the doors and windows, turn off alarm, valuables or lock that is important to you in a safe place or take items from your office with you. Computer security is no different, and perhaps even a bit “scary. At least that’s something to the physical security of the touch screen, which means that they can touch and feel what you are trying to protect means. The computer systems, attacks that can happen when systems are penetrated and intangible information was stolen. If your company is connected to the internet that someone is trying to go online, or at least use the network for vulnerabilities all studies to the next generation of time.During Cyber-attacks, the analysis is to clarify the application and the weakest members of the network. To complicate things further, the attacker for home users and small businesses to use. Why? Very often, the owners believe to be harmful to human radar, when in fact easier to use and operate small networks. These points of the transfer, an attacker may abuse the trust of the majority of the smaller institutions entity.Applications point of attack, because the operating system is based on the gate will be opened through the firewall or router firewall. For example, the HTTP port. For working with HTTP, TCP port should be allowed 80th So if Joe Hacker is an advantage, which operates over TCP port 80, has written, you can not prevent this attack, either because, you use HTTP or necessary changes to reduce wish. Members and the temptation to use e-mail sites to attract users to click on links to infect attacks worms, viruses, trojans, rootkits, and start botware. Infected with a rootkit, typically means that the owner of the computer’s operating system and applications are installed to remove the infection. Rootkits are especially painful because it works as part of the operating system. Install rootkit is so much that anti-virus tool connected property.If for business competitors to the Internet, the router is the minimum separation. With a router as a safety device is the access control list to prohibit or allow the entry and not the net – the best by default and deny that it be an exception. In the best case, the network has a firewall and router choice for families and businesses, a cable modem or DSL does have. Unfortunately, the configuration and maintenance of a firewall is not for the faint of heart. We recommend that the firewall installed a computer with multiple network cards, and special software. Firewalls are a few “geek” and hostile PIX Firewall least.Cisco say are good, but in reality there is no such thing as a graphical user interface (GUI) to manage and configure the firewall. Check Point and Juniper for small businesses are beautiful because they have a graphical user interface. And devices can be “expensive”. You can also open source solutions, to locate the firewall. Free software is free – it is really a firewall – Advanced Software. You need the equipment, but not too much material. I build an old desktop computer and an extra NIC to a dam. – Network security considerations:
– Web Filtering
Prevention of intrusion detection systems, intrusion –
– Anti-Virus
– Stateful Inspection
Application filtering –
– Spam filtering is FilteringWeb when to let children in the family or employees. Try to filter out sites is interesting, but you can save a lot of trouble by blocking certain Internet sites. Web filtering can be expensive, but there are alternatives. For example, OpenDNS is a free service, businesses can now filter to work with instant results to access the Internet. You need to change the DNS record DHCP server if it is cable or DSL modem. You can filter out porn, parked domains, advertising, etc. You have to register before you can use the service. I also recommend installing the OpenDNS IP address tracking. Most DSL uses the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to share more addresses.For inserts can be used in Unified Threat Management appliances. These devices can filter out spam, which was used as malware in the acquisition, presented to the network, intrusion-prevention systems are known to eliminate existing threats to the network, and the constant inspections of packages. Professionals can be hired to install the UTM. UTM, a professional must be able to help you get the correct filter settings. To negotiate an agreement to purchase equipment. Maintenance has been negotiated. If you do not look like a fair price for someone who’s product.Protecting network layer is a success story, but only a screening router and a firewall is only half the equation. Files on the firewall and the router should be “the whole story can be analyzed. However, the analysis shows require some knowledge of security protocols and capabilities. It should be possible to find a managed-care services and rules for a firewall to protect your network. Hence the need for maintenance or operation of the network. One of the first things that make the network on a preliminary estimate. The baseline scenario is at a level that is normally set for the network. MSP contract or monthly report that the traffic is blocked, or have mixed feelings filtered.I filter ports. As already mentioned, you use the smart hacker to open the doors all the time, like 80, 443, 25, 53, etc., but some sports should not be opened. Finally, you should filter the source TCP ports 22-23, 135-139 TCP / UDP, 445 TCP / UDP, 1433-1434 TCP / UDP, 389 TCP / UDP, 161-62 TCP / UDP port on the existing network. You can also combine the doors network.Securing their business or home, start a network. Company or home network should not prevent the ports you really need to use the Internet. Gates supports Windows, such as TCP and UDP blocking, 135-139. Blocking these ports reduces the possibilities that hackers can exploit. Unfortunately, applications and users are the weakest link in security chain model. The following article we will discuss what we can do to contribute to the attack. They will come later – but until then, please visit the website of Open Source Software @

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