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It was 1989. The concept was simple. Build a city from scratch, watch it grow and hope to God that he doesn ‘t until the end is destroyed by fire, storm or just a bunch of rioting in the streets. It was simple, direct, to the point and started a craze of the objective-based computer games that have been widely depending since.The original Sim City was very simple and by the standards of today ‘s very primitive. The graphics were crude two-dimensional blocks and the site itself was pretty unrealistic. But people had a lot of fun to play. How do you build your city, which was held subject to certain rules, it became harder to keep it from collapsing under the nose. There was a degree of realism in the game so that your city has grown and grown with the population, thus the crime, pollution and all other negative things that have been with great city.As already mentioned you had to follow some basic rules. To begin, you don ‘t a city without some kind of power plant, whether coal or nuclear.Nuclear war is very expensive, so you pretty much had to start with a coal plant. Then you put your homes and businesses and had the system with electric cables and to connect with Sami. You received a certain amount of money to do so. Everything costs money in this game, even power lines. So you had to be very careful about how you spent. Income taxes were paid by people who have moved into your town after you buy deducted to build it began. In fact, at first ‘s city. You do not get t be a city that will take you to a certain population, what are the trips to other ways you can make money by creating a stadium for sporting events to achieve. You can also get a port to the income from trade. Airports can also be built. Finally, your city is really hopping. It ‘s where the fun begins. How? Well, your roads are beginning to collapse under the weight of all jams. People are starting to complain becausetraffic, crime and pollution. They begin to move when things go wrong. If this happens, your income fall. It ‘s not enough money to repair roads. Financing your police and fire is inadequate. The fire broke out and it ‘s enough firefighters to remove it. Things get a genuine mess.As is as easy as Sim City, it ‘s also a challenge. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the game itself, cities can only become so big before the game crashes. Fortunately, Sim City 2000 was a 3D version of the game, released in 1993, the care of this problem. Sim City 3000 came in 1999 and Sim City 4 was established in 2003.To this day many people still a thrill for their favorite city accident and watch it burn.

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