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Trapped in the Maze of a DUI?

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense given to someone who is caught driving a motorized vehicle while being legally intoxicated or impaired. Law enforcement can arrest a driver with 0.08% of blood alcohol content (BAC) and charge him with a DUI. What comes next? Hiring an attorney in Los Angeles is the very first thing you should do after being arrested. You need to find out what your penalties are and even though, DUI penalties vary from state to state, most states charge a first misdemeanor DUI offence with the following:* A small amount of jail time.* License suspension.* Probation.* Attending Alcohol programs.* One or more fines.* Installing and renting an ignition interlock device into the driver’s car.For these charges you will need a skilled and experienced attorney which has been greatly successful in the area of criminal defense. This is how he/She can help you:* The Los Angeles attorney is the only person that will stand between you and a hard punishment for a crime that you might have not committed. If you only had a couple of drinks you may think the court will have leniency in your case. The truth is they will find the harshest punishment available you.* He/She can make sure the law enforcement and the prosecutor have done all the procedures correctly because any mistakes can have a case thrown out of many courts and may mean fewer penalties.* Attorneys can get a more understanding judge to view your case. He may accept a No Contest Plea which means that you do not plead guilty but will you assume the charges given. A No Contest plea can help you retain some driving privileges.* Getting the assistance from lawyers can prevent you from getting any additional charges. You will know how to answer questions wisely and what you should not say.We know that a DUI charge can roughen up your life but don’t let it get any worse…a good DUI lawyer in Los Angeles will help you with all your legal needs!

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