Using IronPython Constructively

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I assumed you already know something about programming in general and .NET languages in particular, so this chapter didn’t have a lot of handholding in it. Consequently, you learned quite a bit about IronPython, including how to indent and use capitalization, work with data types, use modules, create functions, and control the environment. You’ll probably use the information in this chapter so much that you
won’t need the chapter after a while, but in the meantime keep a bookmark on it so you can refer to it as you progress through the other introductory chapters.

It’s time to get a little work done with your IronPython setup. The first step is to get used to working with Visual Studio and IronPython. You won’t find any fancy templates to do the work for you, so make sure you practice creating some projects. In addition, put some simple projects together using the techniques described in this chapter. The projects don’t have to do anything fancy; all you’re trying to do is get the procedure for creating and managing projects down. Try creating a few applications that use functions and exercise the various data types. Have a little fun with the print() function!


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