What are the different phases of SDLC and methodology?

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SDLC concept of software design a wide range of software development methods. These methods provide a framework for planning and overseeing the development of information: the development of the software life cycle process development.OverviewSystems (SDLC) is a logical process by the analyst, information systems, including requirements, validation, training and user (stakeholders) property uses. Each SDLC must meet the high quality and exceed customer expectations in order to ensure timely implementation and cost, it works effectively on existing and planned infrastructure, technology, information and to obtain cheap profitable.Computer and strengthen systems are complex and often (especially in recent growth of service-oriented architecture), the different systems, possibly from different vendors, links to download the software. By creating a complex, many models of systems lifecycle management (SDLC). “I synchronized, and stabilize,” “Waterfall,” “Source”, “spiral”, “construction and repair, rapid prototyping,” progressive [Edit] SDLC models to describe the flexibility of the repetitive sequences. Agile methods like Scrum and XP, the process of change in light-quickly concentrate along the development cycle. iterative as the Rational Unified Process and dynamic approach to systems development, which limits the scope of the project and other construction and modernization of many repetitions. The project suite (BDUF) models, such as waterfalls, a focused approach to comprehensive planning and correcting serious hazards and the work of a positive and predictable. Some advocates of an iterative and agile SDLC confused at the end of next steps, or “traditional”, but the CCES is a general term for all methods, which enable the design, construction and project management of the project software.In the project life cycle (PLC ) and the SDLC in the activities should be defined a little differently. According to Taylor (2004) “Life cycle of the project, including all of the project, which focuses on the overall development of the system to the needs of the systems development life cycle product.HistoryThe (SDLC) is the type of methodology used to build information systems to describe, to gather information about the systems very well thought out, methodical and structured to enhance the life cycle of life. A number of systems development, Elliott & Strachan and Radford (2004) created “in 1960 to a system to develop management capabilities for large corporations. Operating systems via the data processing and calculations of concentrated heavy routines.Several the most important development is partly based on SDLC as a structural analysis and design method (SSADM) products on the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom in 1980 is based. Because according to Elliott (2004), “corresponds to the traditional systems development life cycle gradually replaced with approaches and frameworks have attempted to solve some of the restrictions SDLC. SDLCSystems development phases of the life cycle of the traditional (SDLC) to the basic channels to must be met for the development, including design, analysis, design and development of major significance, and some still, there are different models of system development life cycle of the old model is the first comprehensive development “model of the waterfall: .Stages, each stage of production contributing to the next. These actions are generally the same methods discussed above all, but many of the different methods at different stages of cascade name and number of steps seems to be between 4-7 September is not the last model of the system development life cycle, but measures can be classified and divided into various phases of the SDLC to ten stages.The to identify the products distributed or changed jobs. The tenth stage, when the system and move into retirement or to other systems. Tasks and results of the individual steps are described in the following chapters. All projects require that the steps are executed sequentially. However, the steps are interdependent. Depending on the size and complexity of the phase of the project may be combined or overlapping .


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