What Student Loan Forgiveness Programs Are Available for Federal Loans?

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Due to the slump in the job market as caused by economic recession, the once favorable student loan repayment terms and conditions have become so difficult that most borrowers find their loans in default.Because of this, a lot of borrowers are looking into various college debts forgiveness programs to ease their financial burdens. There are different programs for different types of federal debts. Read on to find out.Forgiveness Programs for Stafford and PLUSPublic Service Debt Forgiveness – borrowers who rendered ten years of qualified employment are qualified for this program. Qualified employment include working for the following:• the State and Federal government• non-profit organizations• rendering military service• volunteering for AmeriCorps, Peace Corps and VISTACollege Debt Forgiveness for FFELs and Perkins LoansSocial workers and lawyers – Social workers can have their debts cancelled 100% after five years of public service in a low income area dealing with high-risk profile peoples. Lawyers who are working in the public’s interest can have their debts forgiven after 10 years.Debt forgiveness program for child care providers – under FFEL program, a highly trained child care provider may be eligible to have her college debt forgiven 100 percent.Nurses, doctors and teachers – it is possible for a teacher teaching children from low-income families to have her Perkins debt forgiven 100%. For a Stafford debt however, total cancellation is not possible, only a substantial reduction in the amount to be repaid. Nurses and doctors serving in low-income areas are also eligible for debt forgiveness. Nurses who have worked for two years in underserved areas can already expect 60% cancellation in their loan.Military service or volunteer work – partial or complete federal debt forgiveness may be granted to borrowers who join the military or volunteer for VISTA, Peace Corps or AmeriCorps.Situations like bankruptcy, disability, death or closing down of an institution result to total cancellation of college debts.Student loan forgiveness is granted to a person with federal college debts is he is willing to impart his knowledge for the public’s general well being.

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