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Much of the decline of blogs has been said. But if you market on the Internet, or offline market you blogging is one of the best ways to reach your customers – past, present and potential.Here are 7 reasons why you should start blogging for business today. Building the first long-term relationships – Blogging is one of the best ways to build long term relationships with customers and prospects. A blog allows a user community – marketers can use their customer community to connect and talk to them as if they spoke with each of them in person. Visitors will have the feeling that grows on the online community around your blog.2 belong. Branding – the Web is a highly competitive market. You should get themselves and with social media to distinguish among them human contact is essential. A blog puts a human face to your business. By involving users in chat rooms, forums helps you build relationships and establish relationships with visitors. With a blog, you can separate your product or service from the competition … especially competition t n ‘have one.3. Comments – Forget customer surveys, a blog is ideal for gathering feedback from stakeholders andCustomers. Blogging provides the opportunity for immediate feedback. I can not blog posts and comments both on my other blog, and told me more about my client needs ‘s and desires that all the boring and expensive marketing survey.4 think. Word of Mouth – Blogs create word of mouth from useful information and advice to readers. If you help solve real problems blog visitors, people will tell their friends about you and in most cases they will also send your link. This is one of the means of my two blogs have been visible. This means that each person reading your blog and find it useful to a marketer potential for your business, simply because they find it useful. This is much more powerful than any paid advertising, it is a confidence.5 vote. Search Engine Optimization – useful content is key to the ranking of search engines. Blogs are much better for them because they are updated regularly. Each time you search engines (Google, one of which is still king) can see the updated content when they crawl your blog. Constantly updated, is significant, the right content for your visitors … after you’ve been blogging for some time to your visitorslooking forward to fresh new content and return it.6. Social Networking – Do your part for your blog social network. As a buyer online, I refer people to my first blog on my site. Remember that we said, presents a human face? Do this for your business using your blog as you can. A blog is about connecting and sharing. The social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube prove the popularity of online communities. It ‘s because they have a space where people can share common experiences. As you build your own social network, you can be connected to your blog, a central hub of the network and community.Once a community of users on your product, they feel excited and tell their friends. You can create a niche market around them. Invite your customers to submit their own videos or audio evidence to publish your blog. People like to review this excellent video feeds to start threads.7 comment. Engaging hearts and minds – I was recently in a blog post on a social networking site. He asked three simple questions about photography, one of myRecreation. Within hours of passionate users had recorded her thoughts over. Result? Not only have I learned a lot and others from the comments that I learned new ideas for building community and content sharing. I have new connections and tactics with powerful others.It ‘s just one example of how the blog threads to engage the hearts and minds of your share of visitors. Every company should aim to do this or its potential for doing business in a world of Web 2.0 Blogging best.Make the heart of your customer relationship strategy may be limited and you will increase your chances to build strong relationships with customers .

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