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We saw were already here I’ve been thinking about some of the things. I used to do with my husband even though he had suffered a stroke and was a quadriplegic now for a patient there might be a number of activities that can no longer do or think they can no longer do for a caregiver they might be trying to come up with creative ideas with their loved one or both of them refused

  1. plan your summertime fun together working together as a team and discussing various ideas can be a very rewarding exercise for both you and the patient and make you both feel very important and most importantly need it sometimes an idea might be impossible but other times with two heads thinking about a new adventure idea my popup you never thought about trusting me all sorts of things came up with my husband and I used to try and come up with different ideas of what we were going to do really just planning together can be its own adventure they can prove to be rewarding of both sides trust me just try it.
  2. look at activities you both enjoyed before your loved one was Ill now don’t give in to never be the same believe me I know what you’re thinking I completely get it I was in your shoes but you can take some of your old favorite activities and just do them just do them differently the best suggestion I can pass along is to do things you’ve always loved for instance going to the beach now a good example would have been my husband was always a beach guy and so sometimes I take me to the beach and sometimes it would be a great afternoon it was something we both enjoyed another funny thing I’m fun thing that we did and for all of you listening think of what your loved one really likes to do what do you really like to do my husband always loved boats there was no way he was going to get on a boat or at least I couldn’t in his position in a wheelchair I couldn’t figure out how to do it until one day I was taking a walk in Newport Beach and I looked at the ferry and I thought it’s a car can get on a ferry my husband can get on a ferry in a wheelchair so it’s exactly what we did and it was a wonderful morning for him he was back on the water in line with the other cars that he was on a boat he was on the water it was the fairy another fun thing is to go to a shopping center no. I hated shopping so when we first started talking about it she sorta gave me that look like please no I don’t want to go to a shopping center promised that I wouldn’t buy anything you would only be window-shopping well we got into the habit of going to the local mall going all over the place window-shopping taking the grandchildren taking the dog I just having fun afternoons walking around me pushing him in the stroller one day we went into the American doll store cuz my little granddaughter water to stroller for her doll and I thought well this is perfect so John and I win and we picked out the stroller it out we came she was pushing the baby in the stroller and I was helping Dawn in his wheelchair and we went all over the mall just have a wonderful time and you know it was fun it was a great experience and I think it was a fun experience for my granddaughter 90 the last thing as far as those sort of ideas would be make sure you have friends over I know it sounds like a big chore like what do I do I have to get over to have to barbecue after go to the grocery store forget all of that just call your friends and say it’s potluck bring over some chips and dip bring over the barbecue whatever we’re going to do bring the wine even if it’s only for 15-minutes happy friends come over and try and make life the way it always.
  3. always have something to look forward to I know is a patient and caregiver it was very important for us to have something to look forward to friends which I just mentioned and took number to the same thing though the next one date nights date nights were very important we pick a restaurant we would go and remember my husband was situation where he couldn’t eat cuz he was on a feeding too but he loved the fact that we went to date night to a local little restaurant is wheelchair at the handicapped one of the most favorite things we did was going to the movies movies were great cuz you know they do have the handicap sections and get the best seats in the house so that was always fun and sometimes we take the grandchildren but that was always a fun adventure another idea I just thought about last night was schedule a TV series that you can watch together but no cheating you can’t binge-watch because this is about looking forward to something so you’re going to know every Tuesday at 7 we’re watching whatever the show
  4. put everything on a calendar each morning I used to go over the calendar with my husband so there’d be no surprises and you have something to look forward to is empowering to the patient to know they are part of the plans is very important no surprises and it’s just good to know what you’re doing every day when you’re doing what he’s doing, believe me, it’s empowering so just remember summertime can be more fun than you think if you remember a few of my tips when you’re summertime fun together look for activities you both always enjoyed before your loved one was it always have something to look forward to and put everything on a calendar.
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